The Diagnosis

It was early summer and my specialist, Dr. Jack Rootman, wanted to set my eye back into it's socket properly.  A C-T Scan was ordered.  About 5 years earlier, I had been diagnosed with Graves Disease - a thyroid condition of the eye that hits middle-aged women.  Muscles behind the eye swell up and slowly push the eyeball out of it's socket.  It usually lasts for about 2 years and then unexplainably stops. 

The CT-Scan was taken in early August and on August 14th, I was called back into Dr. Rootman's office for surgery scheduling - or at least that's what I thought.  As I sat in Dr. Rootman's office, he explained to me that they had found a tumor behind my eye.  He felt that it was a meningionoma, but couldn't be sure as the tumor seemed to present itself differently than normal.  He said that a biopsy would have to be performed to confirm his dianosis.