My Faith Journal

Neil, my husband, and I arrived at Vancouver's Eye Care Centre at 4:00 pm anxious to hear the results of the biopsy.   My right eye was still quite swollen from surgery, but all in all I felt good.  We were ushered right into Dr. Rootman's office and it wasn't long before he joined us.

Dr. Rootman advised us that I did in fact have a brain tumor called a meningionoma.  He went on to explain that these are cancer cells that attach themselves to the lining of the brain.  They are considered benign because they don't spread to other parts of the body.  The tumor itself started on the lining of the brain and has wound itself around the muscles behind my right eye.  The bone surrounding the eye is all tumor.  Surgery will be scheduled for sometime this winter and will be done by a cranial surgeon and ocular surgeon with a cancer specialist present for consultation.  The procedure involves cutting a window into my skull and it is from here that they will gain access to the tumor.  The cut will be just above my eyebrow from the nose to the temple and then up towards the center of my head in a rectangular shape.  I will be in surgery for 9 hours.  I will require reconstructive surgery of my right temple and forehead area as this will cave in.  They will do that at the same time.  Afterwards I will have to go through radiation therapy so that they can kill off the cancer cells that they were unable to remove.

I must admit, as I sat listening to the doctor I was stunned and tears began to run down my cheaks.  I was so stunned, I forgot to tell the doctor that I was believing God for total healing!  I know that everything that we go through in life is Father filtered and that he is in complete control of my life.  That is comforting.  I praise God for his unfailing love.