Visions and Dreams

 By Faisal & Sabina Malick and derived for their TV program called "PLUMBLINE"    -    Num. 12:6;  Acts 2:16-19;   Matt 2:12-13;   Acts 10:1-19;   2 Pet 1:16-19



I call visions and dreams portals into the supernatural into the realm of heaven to see and know what God wants to protect us from, warn us at times, to be able to show us the future so we can know exactly what is supposed to happen. It's exciting to know that God does this today, right now, in this world and in this time.


The book of Acts talks about this in the scripture where Peter quotes this out of Acts 2:17-19. And he says that in the last days I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and young men shall have visions and old men shall have dreams and all shall prophesy, servants, handmaidens and all shall know me. And it talks about the Spirit of God being poured out. And as a language people shall begin to have dreams and visions.




Of course, not all dreams and visions are from God. There is a way to know if a dream or vision is of God. You can test and see if a vision is really of God. The Bible says, test every spirit for not every spirit is of God. And you can see if it comes and reveals that Jesus Christ came in the flesh. Then you know it actually is of God. What is the source of your dream or vision? What is it bringing you to? Is it bringing you hope, is it bringing you faith, is it bringing you love, is it drawing you to God? Or, is it producing rebellion in your life? Is it producing fear and torment? Is it causing you to be scared? Or is it causing you to come to a realization of who God is? Is it drawing you towards Him? And that is some of the ways you can test if it is from God. Is it in line and agreement with God's Word? Does it bear witness with your spirit as being true? The Holy Spirit will always bear witness with your spirit. Romans talks about that.


When God speaks, a peace comes into your heart and mind. You will know by peace because peace is your final word and umpire. You will know then that this is truly a dream or vision from God. You can get interpretation from the Scriptures. He will help you because the Holy Spirit is the one who gave you the dream or vision and He will help you to understand the meaning of that dream so that you can have fruit in your life.


You know, He gives interpretations right away sometimes. When you wake up and as you are writing it down, suddenly the Spirit of God can reveal to you what it means. And it is important to know and have an understanding of what it means. It is important to know that there are also dreams that are from the soul. Or some dreams that are of the Spirit that are healing your soul. So they are for the purpose of bringing healing for your soul and sometimes it can just be a plain old dream. And sometimes I find if there is a negative side in your life, the dreams open themselves up to bad dreams. They are fear based - nightmares.




So you want to have the peace of God and get into the Word of God . The Word of God does speak a lot about the supernatural realm. Dreams and visions are just one avenue that God reveals Himself through . So it is important to know that you need the interpretation, you need to be in the peace of God, you need to know that you are in the will of God in your life so that you are not being misled by a dream that maybe wasn't of God.


Or you are missing the timing. You want to get the timing right. You want to be able to interpret properly the Spirit of interpretation is coming on us in this generation because we need to know how to apply these visions and these dreams. We need to know how to apply revelation. Revelation comes through visions and dreams as well. Sometimes I have had night visions where all of a sudden a scripture will be revealed but in the form of a vision. Revelation is progressive. Sometimes you will get a tidbit and then you will get into the Scriptures and you will find out more. You will find the depth of it. And as you do, God will increase your knowledge and understanding and you will see the reason why God gave it to you.




A lot of times visions and dreams are defining moments in your life. They literally will change the course of your life. We do not necessarily want dreams and visions to lead our lives, because it is the Spirit of God that does that. God will always bring truth to you in the mouth of two or three witnesses. The Holy Spirit may speak to you through dreams and visions, or also through the Word, or He will give you a witness in your heart, or He will bring you another prophetic word as a confirmation. You should be a seeker of truth. You should search out the matter. So with dreams and visions, it is good to have confirmation and then also the have instruction.