Prayer Moves God's Mighty Hand!

Jesus.....our example. Praying to His Father.My prayer is that through reading this entry that you too would see God in ALL His SPLENDOR!  In ALL His POWER!  In ALL His MAGESTY!  This is not about a brain tumor, but rather about our LIVING God who is anxious to reveal Himself to a people that He loves more than words could ever express. 

As I type this, rivers of living water are flowing through every fibre of my being.  I am filled to overflowing with a love so deep, so wide, so long through having been swept into the very presence of God through the prayers of His people.  The glory of God rests as a crown upon my head and from the depths of my being....as I bask in His wonderful, glorious, and majestic presence I can taste heaven.  What a beautiful place that will be.  GOD IS ALIVE!  Jesus touched me in a very powerful and real way as God's hand was moved to reveal to His people that He is there for each and every one of them, no matter where you find yourself today.  HE IS THE DIFFERENCE!

On Thursday, September 17th, 2009, the MIGHTY HAND OF GOD was moved.  The miracles are so many and I will document them here for you now in the hope that you can partake in the goodness of our loving Father and experience Him in the same way, where ever you are.  The prayers of His people moved His hand.  As hundreds of people began to pray for me throughout the day and from start to finish of the surgery throughout the nation of Canada, GOD REVEALED HIMSELF and HIS HAND WAS MOVED! 

The surgery being performed was a craniotomy and orbital osteotomy with reconstruction to remove a brain tumor located behind my right eye and tumor entwined within the orbit muscles behind my eye.  Radiation was to follow to remove what could not be removed.  In short, one quadrant of my face was to be removed and built up again as all of the bone surrounding the right eye had become tumorous as well.  Surgery would involve removal of the tumorous bone behind my eye causing my head to cave in at the right temple area of my head.  All areas would need reconstruction to build up that part of my head again.  Going into surgery, I was not anxious for anything and I had a peace that went beyond all understanding.....even knowing the risk factors that were before me.  Jesus had already shown me that He had made me whole in the vision that He had given me [see "I Saw Jesus"].  For those of you not aware of the risks involved [a 5% chance], I will list them as they were explained to me back in December 2008 by Dr. Akagami, the Cranial Base Microvascular Neurosurgeon.  Please note that these risks pertain to both tumors. 

  • stroke from blood vessel injury, leading to paralysis on the left side of my body or possibly death;
  • loss of feeling and sensation on my face (cranial nerve 5) or total paralysis of my face;
  • loss of the ability to swallow (cranial nerve 9, 10 and 11).  I would have to be fed through a feeding tube if this happened until the nerves regrow in about one to two years;
  • brain fluid leaking out of my nose or into the back of my throat requiring a shunt in my spinal cord to allow for proper drainage;
  • My eyes not being able to close and having to tape them shut at night and further surgery putting weights in my eyelids to allow them to close;
  • vision loss in my right eye;
  • hearing loss in my left ear;
  • nerve injury to my face and losing the ability to speak or smile;
  • reconstructive surgery to replace all of the bone in my eye socket and right temple and part of my forehead;
  • loss of lateral eye-movement (cranial nerve 6) or uneven eyes which would require surgery to balance them at a later date;
  • loss of taste;
  • infection immediately following surgery.  Types of infections would be meningitis (as surgery for the meningioma is in the mengines) and pneumonia.  The infections could become fatal very quickly; and
  • chronic headaches, chronic dizziness, and constant ringing/buzzing in my ear, etc.



  1. Surgery length is normally 9 hours, although I was only scheduled for 7-1/2 hours....with the understanding that it could increase in length one to two hours longer depending on complications.   I went into the operating room at about 7:45 am with surgery beginning at approximately 8:15 am.   I was wheeled out of the operating room at 2:30 pm.  SURGERY WAS DONE OVER AN HOUR EARLY!
  2. The affects of the anesthetic for surgeries over a longer period of time can be quite difficult to deal with.  Many people experience hallucinations and are knocked out with exhaustion over the weeks that follow surgery.  We asked people to pray specifically in this area and I WAS FULLY AWAKE 15 minutes following surgery and was TALKING TO RECOVERY STAFF before they could even check my vital signs.  THEY DIDN'T NEED TO WAKE ME UP!  I WAS FULLY COHERENT, LUCID, AND MY MIND WORKED PERFECTLY!
  3. Normally the nursing recovery staff gently try and awaken patients after surgery, but I could hear the nurses talking before they even had a chance to talk to me, and they were expressing the need for an Endocrinologist to help regulate my sugar levels [I am diabetic].  They were going to give me steroids to prevent brain swelling and steroids make sugar levels jump sky high.  While they had their backs turned to me I told them to call my own Endocrinologist, gave them his name, and the room number of his office at Vancouver General Hospital.  With their backs still turned, they matter of factly replied that it would have to be whomever was on call that day.  When they turned around and realized that it was the patient talking, THEY WERE AMAZED!  
  4. Guess who God put on call that day.  As my Endocrinologist, Dr. Marshall Dahl, walked past the foot of my bed about ten minutes later looking for me, with 5 students in tow, I waved my hand high in the air and called out to him.  He immediately turned and came over.  GOD POSITIONS THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN THE RIGHT PLACES AND THE RIGHT TIME.  Dr. Dahl is one of the best in His field...I think he is the best...and he took control of everything right away.  I have known Dr. Dahl for 12 years and he visited me regularly throughout the weekend to make sure that my sugar levels were kept in the most optimal of conditions.  GOD MOVED HIM!  He seemed touched by my positive attitude, joy, and clear mental faculties.  GOD GIVES A PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING, A JOY THAT FILLS OUR SOUL, AND A CLARITY OF MIND WHEN HE FILLS US WITH HIS PRESENCE!  HE IS THE BREATHE OF LIFE!  HE FILLS US WITH RIVERS OF LIVING WATER!  HIS WORD IS LIFE!
  5. I was told there were about 7 - 10 surgeons present during surgery and following surgery.  The head surgeon, Dr. R. Akagami told my husband that everything went smooth and without a hitch.  He said they were all so pleased with the ease of the operation.  Throughout the operation my vital signs never wavered and remained absolutely steady.  He said it couldn't have gone better!  The second surgeon, Dr. Jack Rootman, had expressed during surgery how everything was going "textbook" and that he was so pleased with how he was able to pick everything clean from the entwined muscles of the orbit area.  [This tumor attaches itself like a "jelly-like leech" to the muscles and has to be scraped off - but Dr. Rootman was able to "pick it clean"  Before surgery, Dr. Rootman had already let us know that he would not be aggressive in this area and leave that portion to radiation].  GOD LEAVES NO STONE UNTURNED WHEN HE CHOOSES WHOM HE WISHES TO USE TO GET HIS WILL ACCOMPLISHED IN THE LIVES OF HIS PEOPLE.  Dr. Rootman is the developer of this surgery and has been doing it since the 1970's.  He has written many textbooks and is the foremost consultant in America and Europe for this surgery.  You know that when he says that surgery went textbook, it couldn't have gone any better!  GOD IS THE ULTIMATE PHYSICIAN! 
  6. After surgery, I was moved up to the Neuro ICU Ward where I was to remain for the next 3 days.  Here the staff was preparing me for the evening and wanted to remove two leg massager that had been placed on my legs during surgery in order to keep the circulation going.  I immediately told them that, "This is my spa experience portion....please leave them on!"  Those things were wonderful...we should all have a pair of them.  I remember the staff laughing and later telling my husband and kids that I was showing a sense of humor.  WITH GOD THERE IS NO ANXIOUSNESS!  HE HAS US SAFELY IN THE PALM OF HIS HAND!   GOD'S PRESENCE NEVER LEFT MY SIDE!  I FELT HIS PRESENCE IN AN AMAZINGLY PEACEFUL WAY!  [The power of prayer!]
  7. I believe God sent an angel when He sent the nurse that was to look after me throughout the night.  Despite the fact that I was thirsty from the anesthetic and was only allowed to have a water-filled sponge dipped to my lips..and to suck on...this nurse hand fed me ice cubes throughout the night.  Every hour she came and checked on me, did her normal routine, and then before she left she spoon-fed me a mouthful of ice cubes.  I remember thinking that she must be an angel sent from God.  I was kept so comfortable right through the entire night.  I honestly don't know what I would have done if this precious nurse, sent from above, did not feed me those ice cubes.  GOD NEVER LEAVES ANY DETAILS OUT!  HE KNOWS THE DESIRES OF OUR HEARTS LONG BEFORE WE HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF THEM OURSELVES AND LONG BEFORE WE HAVE EVEN SPOKEN THEM!  WE CAN TRUST HIM FULLY!  WE CAN PLACE OUR FAITH IN HIM 100%!


  1. I awoke early Friday morning without pain, without numbness to my cheek [from my jaw muscle having been cut and reattached during surgery], without big swelling [a little around the right eye], and with an alert and clear mind.  There was no grogginess from the anesthesia.    I did not feel tired, as is normal after brain surgery.  I felt great!  By 7:30 am, it was decided to move me off the Neuro ICU Ward [where I should have stayed 3 days] and arrangements were made to move me to the Neuro Sciences Regular Ward.  WHEN JESUS SAYS THAT "HE HAS MADE ME WHOLE" HE MEANS IT.  WE CAN ABSOLUTELY TRUST AND PUT OUR FAITH IN HIM.  AGAIN, EVERYTHING WAS GOING BETTER THAN EXPECTED.  WHY?  GOD IS IN CONTROL!  The promises of God become our own personal possession when we pray and trust His Word.
  2. I felt so great once I arrived on the regular ward.  I had some breakfast and met with the Physiotherapist shortly thereafter.  With the help of my I.V. stand to prop me up, she asked me to carefully try and stand up to see if I could take a step.  I held the I.V. stand in one hand and the Physiotherapist in the other and took my first step slowly.  I soon discovered that I could walk at a normal gait and picked up my pace and walked to the other end of the hospital ward.  The Physiotherapist cautioned me to SLOW DOWN!  She said she couldn't keep up with me.  She was visibly shocked that I was able to walk normally, without depth perception problems, balance problems, weakness to the legs, etc.  She smiled so big and said that her job with me was finished!  PRAISE GOD.  ISN'T IT WONDERFUL WHEN HE IS THE GREAT PHYSICIAN.  EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECT...AS PER HIS PLAN! 
  3. Patients are usually assigned a patient care team which can consist of a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist and Dietician.  After my time with the Physiotherapist, I was not seen by anyone else.    WHEN GOD DOES A WORK IN AND THROUGH US, HE DOES IT COMPLETE.  THERE IS NOTHING LACKING!
  4. Dr. Rootman came and visited me that first morning after surgery.  You could tell that he was extremely pleased with the outcome of the surgery.  He advised that there would be no need for radiation as he was very satisfied with the outcome of the surgery and tumour removal.  He advised that, although I looked very good that first day post op, that I would have discomfort the following two days as I would begin to swell quite a bit.
  5. All I.V. lines were removed...I did not even have a line to keep the fluids up!  WOW!  GOD JUST DOESN'T MISS A THING!


  1. Dr. Akagami, the Head Cranial Base Micro vascular Neurosurgeon, came in to visit me early Saturday morning.  I jumped up into a sitting position and greeted him warmly.  I told him how wonderful I felt and asked him if I could have a picture with him.  After he agreed, I don't think he expected me to jump out of my bed so quickly and over to the closet to retrieve my camera.  I threw on my Japanese housecoat and stood beside him in no time to have the picture taken.  You could see that Dr. Akagami was stunned.  Smiling, he just stared at me in disbelief, then he tilted his head and asked whether I would like to go home.  I agreed and at 7:30 am on Saturday morning, he proceeded to prepare the discharge papers for Sunday morning.  AFTER ONLY ONE FULL DAY IN HOSPITAL, I WAS BEING PREPARED FOR DISCHARGE!  The average length of stay in hospital following brain surgery is 5 to 6 days.  WHAT A MIRACLE! 
  2. The increased swelling that was supposed to make me uncomfortable never came.  The little swelling that I did have seemed to decrease as a matter of fact!


  1. Isn't it fitting that I was released on a Sunday....God's Day!  It was almost like His stamp on the whole affair!  I was discharged from hospital at around 10:30 am in time to go to church.  I decided against it as I had to wear a blue surgical hat to cover all of the staples in my skull and going down the side of my face by my ear.  I can tell you one thing though, I could have gone and preached the sermon myself!  GOD IS SO GOOD, SO FAITHFUL, SO ALL ENCOMPASSING!  IN HIM, I HAVE ALL THAT I NEED.  HE HAS MADE ME WHOLE!  HE HAS MADE ME COMPLETE!  PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!  I WILL REST IN HIM.
  2. Leaving the hospital that day I thought about how through God's grace I did not have memory loss as expected, nor did I have headaches, nor balance problems, nor numbness in my face and I was not depressed as expected.  A JOY FILLED MY SOUL!  MY FEET WERE ON SOLID FOOTING!   EVERYTHING was in His hands!  EVERYTHING was made complete! 

Before I began to write this entry on my web page, I spent time in prayer seeking God's will as to what He wanted to say through this.  Through His Holy Spirit, He revealed this to me.  Prayer.  Prayer.  PRAYER.  God is looking for a praying people in His church to touch a nation.  A people who will come to Him and make their requests known before Him.   He wants us to know that it is only when we pray the things through that He has laid upon our hearts, then we unlock the door for God to begin to move in our circumstances.

God also showed me how the church corporately is being equipped through the power of prayer to apply His promises revealed to us by the Holy Spirit.   As we enter the season which is upon us, he has revealed His desire for us to unite in prayer as a nation bringing into agreement God's plans for His church in order to bring  them into being.  Once we have learned how to pray these things out corporately as a church, then God will begin to bring the unsaved to our doorsteps and we will begin to see His Mighty Hand at work in a way we have never known before.

In my case, emails went forth from my sister to a about twenty people, who in turn forwarded those emails on to another 20 people and so forth.  In no time, updates were sent out to many, many people.  As well, there were hundreds of people praying in at least 14 churches across Canada of all denominations.  It was a ripple affect that went out across the nation and God heard the cries of a people and His Mighty Hand was moved!  What God did in my life is a MIRACLE!  He is ALIVE!  He is RELEVANT!  He is PERSONAL!  He is REAL!   He is the ALPHA AND OMEGA!  Trust Him.  Place your faith in Him.  ALLOW JESUS TO TOUCH YOU TOO!  When you ask, He will come!

Through all of this I can tell you that I have grown into a much deeper relationship with My Heavenly Father.  He has filled me with a greater love for His Word, for His presence and for others.  Over the past two years, the Holy Spirit has nudged me to go to Bible School.  I took this step of obedience by mailing out my application forms, knowing that I would go into surgery within a week.  I left the details up to Him as to how it would all work out.  I am pleased to say that I was accepted into Bible School at Global University on Monday, September 21'09.  As we are obedient to God, He takes us on that next step of our journey so that He can position us in the strategic place of authority in order that we can fulfill the assignment that He has for us.  God knows how to put all the puzzle pieces together.  I have a clear mind to study and ample of time at home to get through my courses.  God's timing is always right!  I count it all joy and am excited about the things that God will do next in my life.